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soul retrieval

soul retrieval, portland, oregon, distance healing, distance soul retrievalOur soul or “soul essence” is a delicate energy that nurtures and energizes us. However, physical trauma and/or emotional upset can cause pieces of our soul to break off and flee. This is known as soul loss, and is the self’s coping mechanism in crisis. The result is a loss of vitality, feelings of being ungrounded or even unlovable, as well as an inability to be comfortable and fully at home within ourselves and our bodies.

Sometimes a triggering event is traumatic or extremely emotional, such as a divorce, assault or molestation, accident or surgery. It can also occur subtly such as hurt feelings, shock, substance abuse, an injustice or a moment of extreme vulnerability. Symptoms can include lethargy, a disconnected or spacey feeling, feelings of apathy or hopelessness, fatigue, lack of motivation or direction and memory loss. It is not unusual for an adult to be missing many soul parts of varying ages.

In recovering the pieces of ones essential self, the Shaman journeys on a client’s behalf to non-ordinary realms. With the assistance of our spirit allies and helper spirits, we find these lost soul parts and bring them back. The piece is recovered, lovingly brought back, healed, and integrated back into you, and the triggering event is then rewritten. Each time a piece is retrieved the client becomes more whole and in turn feels more empowered. Clients feel this in increased energy, enthusiasm, contentment, vibrancy, joy, happiness and determination or motivation.

In addition to receiving your soul part, s/he may also bring back to you gifts that you may have lost, such as a passion for dancing, a gift for writing, music or art, or a remembrance of patience. It is the return of the soul part and the gift that should always be the focus, not how or why the soul part fled to begin with.

soul retrieval, portland, oregon, distance healing, distance soul retrievalThis is a beautiful process for a client and involves a self-realization and integration period afterward.
Please allow 2 – 4 hours for the initial session. Many people often chose to have a follow-up apppointment or two after reintegration of the missing soul part(s).

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Price: $85/hr. with pre-payment of two hour deposit. If additional time is needed, final payment must be made within seven days unless alternate arrangements are made.

If interested in booking a psychopomp services, or if you have any questions, please contact me.




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