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home, office and land energy clearings : remote or in person

Certain energies (or entities) can cause problems in our lives and homes and clearing these energies can create a huge difference in the way a home feels. Cold, dark-feeling corners that used to feel bright and energetic can collect heavy energies and energetic stagnation. Clearing these energies and replacing them with green earth-based energies and earth light is akin to spiritual and energetic house cleaning. My clients report feeling a huge and immediate difference not only in their homes, but their moods and ability to relax and sleep more deeply and restfully.

mossy tree out my windowThe spiritual clearing a home, office, land or other space may be needed if you or others are having any of the following experiences in a particular location:

    • A room or location feels cold, dark, depressing or "off" for no apparent reason
    • Portions of your home or property instill feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, sadness
      or negativity
    • You experience human or other unexplainable activity where there is none
    • Unexplainable instances of objects moving, disappearing or appearing
    • Lights, electronics and electrical objects turning on or off on their own
    • General activities one would associate with a place being "haunted" such as hearing
      footsteps or voices when no one is there

Oftentimes a space will just not feel right. No matter what you do, or how you rearrange or decorate it, something just feels "off". This is a great indicator that you may benefit from an energy clearing of your home or office. The process I use for clearing negative or stagnant energies from any space is the compassionate removal and crossing of spirits if needed, the filling of the space with green earth-based energies and earth light, balancing the energies and space, surrounding the space with a blessing (or blessings). In some cases, I will also create a custom bind rune (a combination of rune symbols) for added protection, abdunance, or other needs.

One of my most frequent requests to do an energy clearing on a home or property are for clients moving into a new home. By doing an energy clearing, you ensure you're surrounded by the most positive and nurturing energy possible. Another life event that people have found it necessary to obtain home energy clearing is before giving birth to, and bringing home a new baby (infants, are extremely innocent and sensitive beings). Many people don't realize that negative energies can remain from previous tenants or home owners and/or can accumulate from you or your family, stemming from arguments, trauma, grief or turmoil of any sort, pain, suffering, or a death. I can help re-energize your home, leaving your surroundings more energetically optimized for you and your family.

Another great indicator that an energy clearing may be needed is when having difficulty selling your home or property. I recently started working with a local realtor who was having a particularly difficult time selling a couple of houses. They were lovely homes and being offered at fair market value but interested parties kept mentioning such as things "it just feels a little off" or "it's beautiful but something doesn't seem right about it". The realtor contacted me via a mutual friend to do clearings on each of these homes and was thrilled that the first sold three days after my clearing work after three months of disinterest, and the second a week later, after having been on the market for nearly a year.

The people who I have worked with have seen and felt an immediate difference in their homes following a clearing and have mentioned such improvements their children and/or themselves feeling more at ease in particular rooms that had once felt "off", improved relationships and intimacy, an increase in personal vitality or decrease in health issues, an increase in finances and an elevation in all around well-being, motivation and energy.

People who work in high-stress or high-anxiety jobs, such as lawyers or financial advisors, notice a huge improvement in the energetic feel of their offices when having regular clearings done, particularly those who have high-traffic work-spaces with many people coming and going, especially when these people may be emotionally charged.

green energy healing and shamanic servicesEnergy clearing work of your location can be done either via distance or in person. If being done via distance, I prefer to receive photos of the spaces or areas needing clearing to gain an energetic connection. If you are unable to provide photos, I require an initial phone consultation so I can make an energetic connection in that manner.

Please note that I recently moved from the Portland area and on-location services are now only being offered in Lane and Douglas Counties, except under extreme circumstances. For services outside of those areas, additional fees will apply for travel time and possible lodging.

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Price: $85/hr. with pre-payment of two-hour deposit of $170. If additional time is needed, final payment must be made within seven days unless alternate arrangements are made (either via PayPal, or via personal check or money order).

If interested in booking a home, office or land clearing, or if you have any questions, please contact me.




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