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services offered by alicia caudle, green shaman

The following are some of the services I offer. Please note that many of my rates are sliding scale for those with limited financial resources. Please feel free to contact me to discuss prior to booking your session(s).

Energy Healing and Shamanic & Druidic Services | Personal Coaching Sessions | Additional Services

shamanic services, shamanic healing, distance healing, kundalini reiki, alicia caudle

Energy Healing, and Druidic and Shamanic Services

sky over my farmIntuitive Healing Sessions

Because each client and situation are different, there is no set approach to the healing you may receive during an Intuitive healing session. Each session is 100% spirit directed. These services could include any or all of my offered services, including but not limited to earth based energy healing, past life work and destiny tracking, energy clearing and/or deposession, extractions or power animal retrieval. During these sessions, you will also receive messages from my guides, or possibly meet one of your own spirit guides. Read more about Intuitive Healing sessions or book a session >>

Green Energy Healing Sessions (Earth-Based Energy Healing)
Green Energy Healing is similar to Reiki Healing but utilizes earth-based energies instead of universal energies for a cleaner, more organic energy healing experience. It helps to clear stuck or stagnant energies and can assist in clearing and speeding up your chakras when needed. Read more about Green Energy Healing and Earth Reiki or book a session >>

the green shaman, earth shaman, forest shaman

Shamanic, Druidic and Psychopomp Services

Each of the following offerings are available in 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions.

Psychopomp Work: escorting of souls to the afterlife
Click here for more information or to schedule a psychopomp >>

power animal retrieval and past life discoveryDeposession and Compassionate Soul Release
Click here for more information or to schedule deposession work

Soul Retrieval
Click here for more information or to schedule a soul retrieval >>

Power Animal Retrieval: Discover your Animal Spirit Guide
Click here for more information or to schedule your power animal retrieval >>

Past Life Discovery and Healing
Click here for more information or to discover your past life, or receive healing on past lives >>

Home and Land Energy Clearings
Click here for more information or to schedule a home or land clearing >>

Faery Illumination Healing
Click here for more information or to schedule a faery illumination healing session >>

Curse Unraveling
Click here for more information or to schedule a curse unraveling session >>

Additional Shamanic Services include:
Reiki Un-Attunements, for those who wish to become Green Workers (additional info coming soon)
Attunements in Green Energy Healing (additional info coming soon)
Soul Renewal and Soul Reconfiguration (additional info coming soon)
Cord Cutting
Destiny Tracking
Destiny Reweaving
Shamanic Extractions
Spirit Guide Retrieval and Introduction
Nature Spirit Guide Retrieval and Introductions
Individual Journeying Instruction

the green shaman, earth shaman, forest shaman

One-On-One Personal Coaching Sessions

Personal Empowerment and Energetic Protection
This series of coaching sessions are designed for people who are already in contact with their spirit guides and wish to maintain a safe, healthy and energetically balanced relationship with their guides and allies.

Green Up Your Healing Practice
This is a three-session coaching series designed to assist energy and body workers to "green up" their healing practices. We will discuss ways to draw upon green and nature energies, the healing powers of mother earth and get you acquainted with at least one nature spirit ally to work with on your own in your practice.


shamanic services, shamanic healing, distance healing, kundalini reiki, alicia caudle

Additional Services (individual pages with additional information for each of these services coming soon)

Custom Aromatherapy and Flower Remedy Blends
I incorporate aromatherapy and flower remedies into healing sessions as need on a client to client basis. I have over twenty years of experience and can create for you custom blends to aid in your physical or emotional healing process.

Intuitive Crystal Healing and Selections
Oftentimes it will come up that a client may benefit for use of a particular stone or crystal to aid them in their healing process or with a certain ailment they may be experiencing. I typically have a vast stock of hundreds of crystals and stones to chose from, or I can direct the client on where to purchase the stone of benefit for them. Once obtained, I can attune this stone to them to bring about the fullest healing potential possible.

Rune, Tarot and Oracle Card Readings
I offer an array of rune, tarot, oracle, medicine and soul card readings with various sets and decks to chose from. If you have a question in mind, this can offer you additional insight or clarity, or assist you on choosing your right path. This also makes a fun and affordable gift for someone you love.

Clients are required to notify me of any cancellations or needs to reschedule with a minimum of a 24 hour notice. If client misses an appointment or cancels without 24 hour notice I will not refund the cost of the missed session. Cancellations made with 24 hour notice will be credited towards a future appointment. Please note that I have some sliding scale offerings for clients with limited financial resources.



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