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earth-based energy healing: green energy healing™

oak tree oghamOftentimes we experience energy blockages without knowing what they are. These blockages could be the source of emotional or physical pain or discomfort. Green Energy Healing is used both to assess and treat the problems and blockages found in a person's body and energy field.

Green Energy Healing is a similar healing modality to Reiki, with the exception that draws upon the natural, organic life-force of mother earth and healing powers of nature (trees, plants, water, stones, etc.) as well as the sun and earth's moon. This is in contrast to Reiki's use of universal energy/energies that may come from unknown origins. Green Energy Healing is an extremely powerful, grounding and cleansing healing modality that gently dissipates energy blockages, promoting a natural balance between mind, body and spirit. It increases energy levels and creates deep relaxation which can help the body to release stress, tension and anxiety. Green Energy Healing clears the mind and improves focus, accelerates the body's natural self-healing abilities and helps to relieve pain. It assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins and as a result can support the immune system. Green Energy healing can be emotionally cleansing as well, and can help to release or lessen depression and anxiety for some people and enhance creativity and energy, and elevate focus. It is a great method for increasing your ability to sleep restfully, whether you have sleeping problems or not (it personally "cures" my infrequent bouts of insomnia when I work on myself during those times).

During a typical Green Energy Healing Session, which is most often performed via distance and not on the phone as opposed to my other services, I ask that my client lay or sit somewhere quiet and comfortable during their session in a place without distractions. Most people meditate or just lay calmly while I work on them.

When I start the energy work I do a full body scan to locate any blockages or areas of note, performing a complete energetic evaluation. I then start at your feet (which is a secondary chakra but an important aspect of proper grounding), and work up through your seven chakras from root to crown, clearing unneeded or blocked energy, releasing stagnation and aligning your chakras while paying particular attention to any areas I found that could be problematic for you. Many clients (most, in fact), have experienced physical sensations while I've been working on them. These can include warmth, tingling or the feeling of hands upon them, to name a few. For example, if you're having stomach problems and I find an abundance of stagnant energy being held there, you may feel a lightening feeling as the energy is released. Once each of your chakras have been cleared and realigned, I work on clearing your auric field (aura) and luminary field.

It is important that you schedule your appointment(s) so you have time afterwards for yourself. Having a clear intention and desire for healing strengthens the effects of the healing session, no matter what work ends up being performed. Rushing out to do things afterwards will negate much of the efforts and healing put forth so I recommend sitting outside, taking a leisurely walk in the forest, reading a book up against a tree or taking a relaxing herb or salt bath following your session.

Feel free to book a 30-minute session below, or three session package for a reduced rate. If you would like longer sessions or couple's sessions, please contact me. I will be adding these options to the site soon for ease of scheduling.


green energy healing, earth based energy healing30 Min. Green Energy Healing Sessions

This is for a stand-alone Green Energy Healing session. These are typically done off of the phone so you're able to relax and/or meditate and are followed by a brief 15 minute conversation to discuss the work performed.




green energy healing, earth based energy healingThree 30 Min. Green Energy Healing Sessions

This is for three stand-alone Green Energy Healing sessions. These are typically done off of the phone so you're able to relax and/or meditate and are followed by a brief 15 minute conversation to discuss the work performed



Once PayPal payment has been made, I will contact you within one business day to book your session(s).

Longer sessions are available upon request. Couples sessions are now available as well. When your root and sacral chakras are clear, you are oftentimes able to enjoy intamacy on a deeper level. Please contact me for details and special rates.

Please note that I offer a sliding scale fee to a select number of those who have limited financial resources.




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