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curse unraveling

curse unravelingThroughout history, Shamans and Shamanic practitioners have worked with healing the effects of sorcery and curses. This is as much a part of our modern culture as it was a part of ancient times. Sorcery often affects us in the form of a curse or thought-form. Sorcery is defined as any harm directed to ourselves or others: the abuse of power even with good intentions.

Curses often present as repeating unhealthy patterns such as compulsive thoughts, feelings of being under attack, chronic accidents, injuries, illness or other types of repeated “bad luck”. Some of these patterns can be rooted in past-life events or are passed down through the family lineage through ancestral curses. Others are self-sorcery – curses that are negative thought forms which we fuel, inflict and perpetuate upon ourselves. These can be as simple as telling ourselves over and over, things like "I will never find a good job," or "I will never lose weight," or "I'm going to die if I have to live in this house any longer."

In addition to unraveling and unmolding curses, I can assist you in changing your thought patterns and expressions in a healthy manner so you learn not to inadvertently curse yourself or others.

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Price: $85/hr. with pre-payment of one hour deposit. If additional time is needed, final payment must be made within seven days unless alternate arrangements are made (either via PayPal, or via personal check or money order).

If interested in booking a Curse Unraveling services, or if you have any questions, please contact me.




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