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deposession and compassionate soul release

full mon light through forest, deposession, compassionate spirit replease, shamanic servicesSpirit Possession is a common, natural, but undesirable phenomenon that happens quite frequently. A spirit or being who becomes entangled in your energy field can overshadow your behavior and cause thoughts, memories and actions that don't feel as if they belong to you. The possessing spirit can be a human spirit who did not cross over to the afterlife and is now trapped here (often without knowing so). A possessing spirit may have attached to you or to someone you know merely for the comfort and benefits that a living body provides, and most commonly for the life force that you are providing.

It is important to understand that both you and the possessing spirit are suffering because of this, and compassionate removal and transitioning of these spirits are extremely important. Possession by such beings can cause you physical, emotional and spiritual damage as the possessing spirit uses your energy, life force, and at times, your soul essence. The possessing being doesn't belong in your energy field and the possessed person will suffer from the overshadowing and energy draining that the being brings to you.

In addition to deceased humans, people may be possessed by many other kinds of spirits. These types include the spirits of animals, nature spirits and the sidhe (faery folk), various types of dark beings (such as Maras, Djinn and Shadow Beings), as well as star beings (ET), inter-dimensional beings and other spirits who come from beyond the boundaries of earth and our energetic universe.

Here is a fantastic article that offers additional insight and informatin:

Overshadowed: An Interview About Posession: http://www.betsybergstrom.com/about/depossession.php
An interview between Robyn Fell and Betsy Bergstrom. It was originally published in the Sacred Hoop publication.

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Price: $85/hr. with pre-payment of one hour deposit. If additional time is needed, final payment must be made within seven days unless alternate arrangements are made (either via PayPal, or via personal check or money order).

If interested in booking a deposession/compassional soul release services, or if you have any questions, please contact me.




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