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one-on-one personal coaching sessions

I offer an array of one-on-one and personal coaching sessions in person or via phone or Messenger.

I do not teach from a place of fear, negligence, or darkness as I've learned some tend to do. Your empowerment and your inner strength are the seed that I help you to foster, with love and compassion for you and the work we are doing together. A client of mine recently told me that I offer "intuitive, grounded earth magic with a huge helping of knowledge." I enjoyed hearing that and hope you feel the same.

I will be adding more offerings to this page in time but my most popular coaching sessions are:

Personal Empowerment and Energetic Protection

personal empowerment, energetic protection, help for empathsThis series of coaching sessions are designed for people who are already in contact with their spirit guides, allies and helper spirits and wish to maintain a safe, healthy and energetically balanced relationship with them. Many Reiki practitioners, for example, do not know the origin of the universal light and energies they call upon, and in turn can be putting themselves and/or their clients at potential risk (i.e. not all light beings are angelic beings). Knowing how to draw upon healthy, energetic, earth-based energies can protect you and your clients from potential harm.

During these sessions, you will earn how to discern the energetic imprint of your allies to ensure they are safe to work with, learn how to take your power back and learn to live in your own sovereignty.

  Single Sessions (60, 90 or 120 minutes) Three Session Package (discounted)
Choose Appointment Duration

Choose Appointment Duration

Green Up Your Healing Space and/or Healing Practice

green up your healing practiceThere has been a huge influx of people wishing to alter their careers from being Lightworkers to Green Workers. This coaching series is designed to assist energy and body workers in "greening up" their healing practices and personal or business healing spaces. We will discuss ways to draw upon Green, Earth and Nature-based energies, the healing powers of Mother Earth and earthly elements, and how to ensure you're working with earth-based energies instead of potentially harmful universal or unknown energies. I will also assist you in obtaining a Green spirit guide or ally, power animal or entire Green Team who will also assist you in the greening up of your self, practice, home and life.

For those who wish to take this a step further and become Green Workers, I offer additional services including un-attunements in Reiki and attunements in Green Energy Healing. Please
contact me for more details.

  Single Sessions (60, 90 or 120 minutes) Three Session Package (discounted)
Choose Appointment Duration
Choose Appointment Duration

The Art of Manifestation and Abundance

the power of manifestation, manifestation teachingsWe all have the ability to create the things we desire in our lives, large and small. My family and I are a prime example, having just manifested the most magical of "wish list" pieces of land. We wanted oak trees and hawthorns, a creek with a swimming hole and waterfalls, at least two or three acres of open organic farm space, at least five acres of forest, fruit trees and a long list of other "wishes". We found exactly that and more!

During our coaching sessions I will work with you on creating a dream board and/or manifestation journal, while teaching you how to use it every day. The concept is simple, and once you get the hang of it you'll be manifesting all sorts of beautiful things for yourself as well.

Session Payment buttons coming soon. Feel free to use one of the above and shoot me an email to clarify what you're actually seeking.


Once PayPal payment has been received, I will contact you within one to two business days to book your session(s).




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