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shamanic, druidic and energy healing articles, resources and links


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Resources and Links

Overshadowed: An Interview About Posession.
An interview between Robyn Fell and Betsy Bergstrom. It was originally published in the Sacred Hoop publication.

Ogham Study Materials (downloads)
Ogham Symbol Study Reference 01 | Ogham Symbol Study Reference 02
These are here for my coaching client's use, but anyone can feel free to download, of course.

Ogham Translator
This doesn't seem to work on some mobile devices, but works fantastically well on a computer. This can be a handy study aid for those working with the Celtic Tree Ogham and symbols.

raven feather30 Traits of an Empath | The Mind Unleashed
I highly recommend all of my empath or "highly sensitive" clients read this article as it offers great insight and knowledge on what it means to be an empath. You're not "crazy" and you're certainly not alone.

Shamanism: A Brief Overview by Sandra Ingerman | www.sandraingerman.com
Many people frequently ask me to explain Shamanism to them. This is a great article that explains the basics of Shamanism, illness from a Shamanic perspective, Soul Retrieval and more.

Chakra Centers: Diagram and explaination of Chakras
Click on the images to view enlarged versions
chakra centers diagram    chakra centers diagram

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