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accolades (love letters and client testimonials)

The following are a few of the accolades and testimonials I've received from current and past clients regarding various services they've received from me, including coaching sessions, Green Energy Healing sessions, chakra alignment, Psychopomp work/crossovers of loved ones, power animal retrievals, past life readings and other services.

shamanic services, shamanic healing, distance healing, kundalini reiki, alicia caudle

Picture a faery dancing in an abundant, green forest, right at the crack of dawn. Your eyes, once sleepy, now opening to the warmth of the Earth's radiant Sun.

Awakening to a new day, colors seem brighter, the Earth seems greener and everything seems to make sense in your world. Conversing with the trees, listening to the wind, engaging with the Sidhe and whatever else you can imagine can be real. It is all right in front of you if only you allow yourself to go there.

If you are looking for a mentor to help facilitate a real change in your life, and you are ready to do the work, then I highly recommend, Alicia Caudle, The Green Shaman.

Alicia is very intuitive and quite gentle. I have always felt supported and always allowed to go at my own pace. I find her to be a pleasure to work with and feel like I have not only found a mentor but a friend for life.

Alicia and her Green Team were able to assist in clearing away everything that was not me or not in the best interest of my true self. She also assisted me in finding the path that was best suited for the real, pure and truest part of me. I feel new and clean and feel that I have come home.

If you feel like you would benefit from inviting more Earth-based green healing energies into your life or practice, you might just find, like I did, that you wake up one morning to find a new you, a new world, a new song and a greener way of being.

GeriLynn Roberts, Virginia

power animal retreival, distance healing, kundalini, reiki, chakra alignment, kundalini attunement

After experiencing months of "weird things" in my new home, I contacted Alicia through a mutual friend. I was told that she could help and if there was in fact a spirit in my home she could assist them in crossing over to the other side. I was skeptical at first (thanks to a lot of those intense "Ghost" TV shows), but at the same time, doors would open and close on their own, I often heard voices as I was falling asleep, lights would flicker for no logical reason, things would move, and, the night before I called her, there were footsteps outside my bedroom and no one was there. Trust me, I looked. My girlfriend and I had lived there for about a month before she decided to stay at her parent's home until we could get the house feeling normal.

I was shocked that Alicia was able to make such a huge difference in such a short time! In one four-hour session, she crossed over two spirits that were in my home (one, I later confirmed, had died in the house!), and did a full energy clearing in every room of the house as well as the yard. It feels like a home now. I waited three weeks to write this because the change was so immense yet so unexpected that I half expected the weird things to start again. They haven't, and my girlfriend is so glad to be home again. She didn't tell me until after, but being here before gave her nightmares and she hasn't had a single one since returning the weekend before last.

Thank you Alicia! You saved my relationship and potentially saved us from having to move again and losing a huge amount of money. We are both so grateful for you and your powerful gifts!

Marc Derwen (and Monica), California

power animal retreival, distance healing, kundalini, reiki, chakra alignment, kundalini attunement

I was lucky enough to have a Green Energy Healing session with Alicia.

I am rather sceptical about things I've never tried, but open minded. Alicia called me before the session and we had a wonderful conversation. She was so intuitive. With a few instructions she set me up for the intuitive healing session. She did not ask for clues... our conversation was like friends would have. We re-connected after the session.

I had been suffering anxiety and fear, and she was able to release that and gave me some advice for continued practices.

But mostly I felt a purity and calmness come over me. I believed in her... she is truly a compassionate spiritual being who has the grace to share herself with utter integrity.

Naomi Walsh Montana, California
Via The Green Shaman Facebook page

power animal retreival, distance healing, kundalini, reiki, chakra alignment, kundalini attunement

I first happened upon Alicia's Facebook Page for The Green Shaman when doing some searching about loved ones not crossing over after passing away. She had written a brief article, or post, that immediately told me that she would know how to help me. My mother had recently passed, after spending the last few months of her life in my family's guest house due to the extra care she needed. Her passing was not easy or smooth for any of us, particularly herself. It was not one of those "fall asleep and never wake up" sort of passings. Immediately following her death, I could still feel her. I heard her calling to me from the guest house (an apartment attached to our home), and smell her hand cream that she always asked me to apply for her. I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. Either I was losing my mind, or my mother was still with us.

The moment I finished reading Alicia's post about people not crossing over into the afterlife, I sent Alicia a private message. I started it with "I know this will sound crazy, but...". She responded almost immediately and began with "That's not crazy at all...". I felt immediately at ease and full of trust. I won't go into all of the details as that's not the point of this review. I will say that Alicia is professional, kind, honest, humble and informative, in addition to being truly gifted. She had a few messaegs from my mother, and I feel was extremely compassionate in listening to her words and requests. Some of the things Alicia shared about that interaction were things she never could have known, such as information about my uncle's photo being on my mother's bedside table (he had passed when they were young but she thought of him as her guardian angel). She told us of who was awaiting her arrival on the other side and she had asked who the child was. That is when she was shown the framed photo of a boy on a table next to a bed. There is just no way she could have any foreknowledge of such a thing. I immediately knew how talented she really is.

After Alicia assisted my mother to the other side, everything stopped. No more hearing her, no more smelling her and no more feeling as if I were going crazy. My home was filled with peace again and although we all had a bit of grief to work through due to the rough passing, we were all finally able to relax and feel at home again. I hope I don't have to experience anything like that again in my lifetime but if I do, I definitely know who to call.

Alisa Manning, Washington

power animal retreival, distance healing, kundalini, reiki, chakra alignment, kundalini attunement

The best experience ever for healing and crossing over. Very kind, empathetic and professional. Alicia knows all the answers to my needs. Love her, she makes my life brighter and easier!

Jacqlyn Sickler, Oregon

power animal retreival, distance healing, kundalini, reiki, chakra alignment, kundalini attunement

I absolutely must leave my testimony here.

I slept great last night! The Green Shaman has helped me so much with dreams and removal of connections and projections that didn't serve my True Self.

I am beyond appreciative!!

If anyone can help you, Alicia can. Her compassion keeps her grounded. She does not project things into your reality like a lot of reckless energy workers and young shamans do. Alicia has never left anything with me after work that didn't belong to me and my energetic imprint and she always respectfully discusses everything with me before she removes or unmolds an entity, spirit, projection, spell... whatever it is.

I have received work from people I know just to seek clearing from Alicia afterward because they were so eager to do work, the results were reckless.

Not only has Alicia helped me but she has also taken the time to educate me which leaves me empowered to maintain my personal soul maintenance.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Green Shaman. Your Mother, Gaia, must be ever so proud of you.


Diane Duarte, Arizona
Via The Green Shaman Facebook page

power animal retreival, distance healing, kundalini, reiki, chakra alignment, kundalini attunement

Alicia is the real deal. I know no other way to put it, other [than] to add that she is gifted in ways I cannot even begin to fully understand.

Initially I booked a session with her per the recommendation of a friend who thought I would benefit from Soul Retrieval due to an emotionally overwhelming childhood. She was right and Alicia was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Not only did she tell me things that no one could have known regarding when and how my soul loss occurred, but she spoke of my dear grandmother, the only person I learned to trust as a child. I was beyond shocked when Alicia recited part of a song that my grandmother used to sing to me. This is no common song or lucky guess. My grandmother had made this song up for my mother and aunts, and sang it to them as she rocked them to sleep, and later sang it to me anytime I was upset or feeling uneasy. I hadn't thought about, spoken of or remembered that song in decades and she had me instantly in tears and covered in goose bumps. I highly recommend Alicia!

Margie Petersen, Oregon

power animal retreival, distance healing, kundalini, reiki, chakra alignment, kundalini attunement

Alicia Caudle has a strong connection with the spiritual realm. I've had an energy healing done from her and a power animal retrieval. The power animal retrieval she offers is absolutely amazing. She went above and beyond to provide me with my animal guides. I've seen a sparrow fly around me in the past; I never told her this. She saw the same sparrow which is amazing. She also confirmed it as one of my spirit animals. Totally spot on! I didn't know what to expect before the reading. She not only told me what animals guides were around me, but the meaning behind them all. Such a beautiful, and eye-opening experience. The symbolism resonated with me in a very personal way. If you're self-exploring, a reading from Alicia will definitely guide you.

The healing she gave me was also a heart-felt experience. She puts her soul into her work; I've had major blockages in my Root Chakra and she was able to open it. I can't speak for what others will feel, but I felt a change in energy within a few days. She was able to clear the energy that was sticking in me. I felt way less anxiety and have been able to open up to my partner a lot more. My fiancé is a total skeptic of everything, but he pointed out a calming vibe within me a few days after the healing. Alicia was also able to pin point my carpal tunnel and tell me where it’s coming from so I can work on healing certain physical ailments.

I strongly recommend Alicia Caudle to my family, friends and associates for any kind of spiritual healing work. She is very sweet, understanding and very professional. I feel comfort in her, which is hard for me because I don’t open up to many people. She rocks my socks and I’m super inspired by her presence.

Jody Kristina, California

power animal retreival, distance healing, kundalini, reiki, chakra alignment, kundalini attunement

Alicia does such great work. She is very thoughtful, gentle, and straight with what she sees and projects, and you feel like you have so much clarity post reading. Allowing you to be a part of the process, and guiding you where you see right along with her. Would definitely choose her again and again ❤

Kelly Ann, Idaho

power animal retreival, distance healing, kundalini, reiki, chakra alignment, kundalini attunement

Subject: All around satisfaction

After having enjoyed Alicia's services I'd like to share my positive experience. I've have had three remote healings sessions, a past live reading, spirit guide retrieval, tarot card reading, a home and property energy clearing.

I'll have to admit, at first I was skeptical about these type of services, yet I do have an open mind to new experiences so I thought I'd try it out.

I started out with the remote healings of myself. The healings felt great, I could almost physically sense being touched on different parts of my body. I could almost see the negative energy be pushed away during the process (of course at first I did not realize that was what was going on but by my last healing I felt really in tune with what was going on). I felt how some negative sensations were lifted from me and my entire body was filled with healing light. After each successive session (done remotely why I'd comfortably lay in my bed) I'd feel better and better. It helped me stop drinking without medicine and also made me feel more relaxed while I was dropping an anti-anxiety medication I was taking. There's much more to share on this but in order to keep things brief I just want to conclude this part saying that [this] is a hugely rewarding experience. After the healings Alicia types up a long report of what she saw and did. It is very detailed. I was even able to get a message from my grandfather. The things she said all made sense on what was going on with my life and when what was said were things I know she had no knowledge of, I became a believer.

As for the house/property clearing (again I was a tad skeptical because it was something different, but thought hey, lets give it a try), there were certain rooms in my new home that felt "strange" and even uncomfortable when entering. It almost gave me an anxiety type feeling. I didn't think anything of it, just figured it was a new house I moved into and was not used to it yet. My daughter was also scared to be anywhere in the house alone. Again I just figured it was adjusting to a new home. For the most part I avoided certain rooms for a long period of time. It took several sessions but there's a huge difference now. Even the rooms that felt good before now feel like they're full of light. It is very hard to describe but everything feels like it's at ease now, for lack of a better explanation. I no longer feel uneasy, it may sound weird but my daughter's room used to have a musty odor to it that I could not figure out. However after the cleansing the room actually smelled great. But the biggest thing that got me to believe was the difference in my daughter, she actually was able to be in her room alone for a long period of time, along with other parts of the house. I was amazed. After the cleansing Alicia typed up a long report of what she saw and did. It was extremely interesting to find out about the spirits that were left in the house. It made total sense with the what she saw in certain rooms and what I felt in those particular rooms. In the end she helps the spirits cross over and fills the house with Reiki and light, and puts a blessing on the house. It's awesome!

Throughout my healings Alicia came in contact with my spirit guides. They had very interesting things to say so I wanted to dig deeper. She then did a spirit guide retrieval on me, which was super interesting. Again she gives you a greatly detailed email on what she saw and heard.

I'm trying to keep things short and sweet, so I wont go into more detail, but those are not the only services I or my husband have received. All services were great and left me wanting more. Alicia is also there to answer any questions you have in response to her findings.

I'd certainly recommend Alicia's services to anybody wanting to improve the more "intangible" aspects of their life. All services are done in the comfort of your home. I will be using her for future healings and [energetic] house cleansing.

Sandra Ferreira, California

power animal retreival, distance healing, kundalini, reiki, chakra alignment, kundalini attunement

Alicia is an amazing healing practitioner. In a distance healing session, she found the areas in my body needing energy work to clear the discomforts and to regain more fluid movement without me having to tell her where they were. At the end of the session, I saw a light sparkling over my entire body. It felt so good to arise and to feel the healing and well-being her session gave me. She provided a great deal of information in our follow-up visit and her healing matched what I was seeing and feeling during the healing session. I would recommend Alicia for her gift of seeing what it is you may need to heal. You will enjoy her gift of a loving energy healing session.

Sandy O'Neal, Oregon

power animal retreival, distance healing, kundalini, reiki, chakra alignment, kundalini attunement

First and foremost, I have to say thank you! Thank you, thank you! I cannot offer enough gratitude to you for the healing session or for the messages I received during our session. The fact that you not only connected with my father (who passed away 11 years ago) and described him to a T, was both amazing and beautiful. That in itself was extremely powerful and beautiful. But the fact that you also delivered a message to me that could only have come from him has touched my heart in more ways than I can put to words. I was in tears of joy! Although the highlight was hearing from my father and knowing he's now in a safe place due to your psychopomp work, the healing work you did on me was magnificent and I'm feeling great! I haven't had a headache since, in fact! I can't wait until you start offering more intuitive readings like you did during my energy healing session because I'm going to purchase them for both both of my siblings. Simply put, you're amazing!

Lynn Everton, Florida

power animal retreival, distance healing, kundalini, reiki, chakra alignment, kundalini attunement

Alicia's healing work is potent yet gentle. She is extremely knowledgable, grounded, kind and open. She works seamlessly as a guide being guided. I highly recommend working with her.

Shayne B., Oregon

power animal retreival, distance healing, kundalini, reiki, chakra alignment, kundalini attunement

Alicia has touched my heart and soul with her distance healing and clairvoyant readings. Her sight and love of life shines through in her work!

Thank you so much for all you do and have done for me. May you continue to help and heal those in need. Much Love, Light, Peace, and Blessings!

Alex Duarte, Arizona

power animal retreival, distance healing, kundalini, reiki, chakra alignment, kundalini attunement

Last week I was lucky enough to get to experience a distance healing and energy clearing from Alicia. It was amazing. I had had relief of some of the physical symptoms that I had been having and feel as though I am much more aligned with my body and spirit. I was very impressed that the physical symptoms that I had during the session matched with her reading and how well she pinpointed an ailment that I was having that she had no prior knowledge of. I so appreciate the healing and look forward to working with you again.

Kristy Peterson, Alaska

shamanic services, shamanic healing, distance healing, kundalini reiki, alicia caudle

I have felt so great since my healing session with Alicia a few days ago. I've experienced fewer aches and pains, increased energy and more mental clarity. During the session I felt very relaxed and have continued to feel a sense of relaxed comfort. Alicia was able to see experiences from my childhood that have had a very large impact on my life with clarity that I couldn't explain if I tried. She was spot-on and knew so much that I was in awe, and still am. I will definitely be seeking her services again.

Jan Simmons, Washington




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