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alicia caudle, green shamanabout alicia caudle : green shaman
about alicia caudle, shamanic services, distance healing, kundalini reiki, healing

I am Alicia Caudle, Green Worker, green shaman. My greatest passion is supporting your well-being through earth based energy work, shamanic healing, and art.

I am a connector with Nature. I assist you in cultivating a deep relationship with Her, and communicating with the sacred green world.

I facilitate an alliance with nature and spirituality through personal empowerment/

I serve as a mediator between two worlds, sharing messages and giving insight that spirits, allies, Mother Nature and those have passed wish me to share with you.


I was born in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. Our quaint home was surrounded by old growth Fir and Cedar trees, the banks of the Suislaw River and a huge abundance of nature spirits. From the time I learned to walk, I would venture out into the forests of our property and connect with the trees and wildflowers, chase butterflies, befriend fuzzy caterpillars and sing with the birds. Every morning, my father and I would leave food and offerings under a huge Doug Fir for the faeries, gnomes, dwarves and elves, and soon the fae trusted me enough to speak to me when no one else was around. Life was perfect and free. The forest nourished my mind, body and soul and despite my young years, I understood this in ways I couldn't verbally articulate. I possessed a deep knowing that the trees and the Earth itself was as much my mother as the woman who had birthed me, and the faeries and elves were my siblings.

As our connection deepened, the fae shared with me he names of all of the different plants that grew around our home. They educated me on what I could eat, what I should avoid, and even what to use on my wounds. They taught me to heal myself. They coached me on how to draw upon Earth energies, and the energies of the plants and trees for healing both myself and others. I now can coach you, in the faery doctoring methods I've learned since childhood.

When I was older, we moved to the city. It was honestly a devastating time in my life. I had felt so much love and nurturing from my home in the forest and the city felt fast, disconnected and foreign to me. It was wild, but not in the comforting ways of the forest I had grown accustomed to. Before moving, I knew that I could communicate with tree and other nature spirits, but once plopped into the busy outskirts of Portland I learned that I had the ability to communicate with a lot more than that -- I began to see and interact with the spirits of those who had passed, particularly those who had not yet crossed over into the afterlife, and handful of my reassuring ancestors. I was an extremely sensitive and intuitive child and often had visions or dreams of events before they happened. Throughout this time, and into my early twenties, I had recurring dreams of what I later learned to be a few of my past lives. These gifts, though I didn't always refer to them as such at the time, followed me into my adulthood after a period of stagnation and lack of sight. Reconnecting with that gift has been a huge blessing and honor.

In my quest to find a more spiritual and earth-based existence on my journey into adulthood, I asked my guides (who I knew were there but knew little to nothing about, except that I could hear them) what I was. What I should be. What I ought to strive for in my life. The answer I was given was "You are a shaman. A druid. A seer and a healer. You are an herbalist, a farmer and you are one with nature. You are a communicator with the dead and an orchestrator of messages." The voice went on to tell me roles I had filled in past lives as well, which is when I knew that all of those persistent dreams I'd had since my youth were past life related. I immediately signed up for local herbalism and aromatherapy classes in my 20s and bought every book I could find on Celtic Shamanism and other shamanic practices. I studied day and night.

My life changed when I learned what it means to be an empath, and how to guard and guide myself. I started to see things again, that I hadn’t seen since I was a teen. I reconnected with nature. I found my roots again, and dug in deeply. That was when I decided to expand my knowledge and find a bit of direction with my skills, knowledge and abilities.

My enrollment in an official shamanic school began in my 30s with Native American teachings (primary Lakota). It was life changing to meet other like minded-people with similar gifts and it really opened my eyes to what my abilities could do for others, in addition to myself. I highly respected everything I learned during those years and felt reawakened. After time though, I felt more personally drawn to return to the Celtic and Norse traditions and practices of my ancestors, which also introduced me to the path of Druidry. It was at this time that I was called to become a Green Worker. I had no idea what exactly that meant, but sought out to find the answers. That is when I met a shamanic practitioner, teacher and mentor who specialized in Celtic and Norse traditions, and, as luck would have it, assisting people on their personal paths to becoming Green Workers. These teachings have been my primary focus for the past several years now, and it's a huge honor to be able to carry on some of the healing practices and disciplines of my great-great-grandmothers, and several great-grandmothers before them. In both my professional and personal lives, I work very closely with the Sidhe (pronounced "shee") and base many of my healing practices on earth-based faery doctoring methods as well.

One of my greatest spiritual leaps was learning to connect with the energies of the trees. It sounds so simplistic put into words, but I have connected, communed deeply with trees, offering myself and receiving gifts. Words defy the magic. Nature misses the interaction humanity used to have with her and all that they have asked in returned for the knowledge and wisdom they've shared with me was that I sit with them.

Now, come sit with me...

This I know to be true

I am integrated, whole, and engaged with you – I am the same person whether we are in session, or sharing a cup of coffee together. I wear no masks nor cloak my essence of self. I am honest about everything I know, and always forthright about what I don't.

My strength in service lies in re/connecting people with Mother Nature, working with those that have passed, and earth-based energy healing.

Many people ask me when they "should" start learning. There is no perfect time to start. You don’t need to be at a specific point on your journey in order to embark. You can be a tiny little blossom, or a huge flourishing tree. I am here to hold your hand and walk with you, without judgment. I believe that we learn the lessons we do, right when we need them.

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I do not teach from a place of fear, negligence, or darkness. Your empowerment, your inner strength is the seed that I help you to foster. I offer body centered, intuitive, grounded earth magic.

All of my rates are sliding scale for those with limited financial resources. I do not believe in turning people away due to a lack of monetary funds. The ability to heal and share insight and messages is a gift and should be treated accordingly. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or book a session via my Healing and Services page.

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