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intuitive healing arts of alicia caudle, green shaman

Come. Gather around the circle with me...

I'm Alicia, green shaman. I am a Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healer, Psychopomp, Clairvoyant, Faery Doctor and Green Worker with strong roots in the Celtic and Norse traditions of my ancestors. I'm committed to empowering and educating my clients while assisting them along their journeys to personal healing, self-empowerment, and wholeness, or reconnecting them with those they have lost through death.

One of my greatest pleasures is collaborating with others to cultivate their ability to communicate with the sacred world of nature (trees, flowers, stones, mountains and waters), while developing their connection with the Green World, Mother Earth, nature spirits and the sidhe. Healing and a connection with nature go hand-in-hand. I incorporate the curative essense of earth energies into all of my healing services, from Soul Retreival to Deposession, Spirit Crossovers to Illumination Healings.

Wether you're seeking spiritual medicine for yourself or for your clients, I can assist you on your path to becoming a Green Worker. Green Energy Healing attunements and certification are available for both for personal and professional use.

Freeing ourselves of emotional pasts and experiences from this life and lifetimes before can bring about deep healing on emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical levels, and bring us back to our true, green, whole, connected selves.

As I walk barefoot upon this earth, I invite you to join me. Together, let us learn from our ancestors; the ones who walked before us. Let us listen the spirits of this land, sharing their secrets whispered on the wind. It's time to close the gap between humans and nature and once again live deeply rooted, like the oak.

To review my full list of offerings or to learn more about each of my individual services, please visit my Healing and Shamanic Services page.

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