jewelry and wearable art gallery

all of my jewelry creations are made from items found in nature (such as wood and stones), salvaged textiles, found objects or natural crystal, stone, bone or horn beads. each piece is one of a kind and no treated, heated or dyed stones are ever used. all nature inclusions are done so with permission and with an abundance of gratitude.

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holey stone necklace, hag stone, faery stone wrist cuff bracelet, crap claw, alicia caudle, salvaged textile shamanic pouch necklace, bone beads, holey stone, faery stone, hag stone red coral and coin charm wrist cuff bone lariat necklace
green wrist cuff bracelet, green aventurine, salvaged textile sun and eagle wooden necklace ancient coin bracelet, tribal fehu rune wooden necklace, hawthorn goddess wrist cuff, the morrigan, salvaged textile
goddess wrist cuff bracelet stacking necklace, stone necklace, pouch necklace grunge band wrist cuff, salvaged textile wooden skull and two stone necklace godess wrist cuff bracelet
china doll wrist cuff bracelet, alicia caudle, salvaged textile wrist cuff goddess wrist cuff bracelet elizabeth bathory, wrist cuff bracelet textile wirst cuff alicia caudle mixed media abstract collage and acrylic
goddess textile wrist cuff bindrune necklace salvaged textile wrist cuff bracelet textile bind rune necklace textile goddess wrist cuff




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