faery writing and forest runes
spirit journal

this is definitely one of my favorite spirit journals to date! (i know i say that a lot.) the front is adorned with western red cedar and douglas fir twigs that were been nibbled by tiny forest creatures whilst the branch was still living and covered in bark. i call these twigs forest runes and like to think of the markings as faery writing because that feels more magical than a bug or a worm in a lot of ways. if you listen carefully, you can hear their messages.

the energies these trees carry and the messages they convey to us are: strength, virility, presence, and knowing (western ted cedar), determination, purpose, achievement, and reaching new heights (fir -- i do know that doug fir is not actually a fir). on the spine is a gorgeous curving piece of pacific madrone which teaches us individuality, adaptation, and how to step into our unique, individual greatness.

the tree of life, or world tree symbol on the back is actually a lined pocket where you can stick your notes or pen. the covers are made from a thick luscious paper called bird's nest paper that was handmade in thailand, with some thick natural cotton weave between the layers to add to its rustic and ancient feel.

the pages themselves are hand-dyed with organic coffee and the front edges have been tattered a bit to give a deckle edged look.

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hawthorn spirit journal, handmade artist spirit book, faery journal, alicia caudle

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faery writing and forest runes spirit journal, alicia caudle faery writing, forest runes, artist book, detail madrone twig tree spine handmade deckle edged paper, hand dyed paper naturally hand dyed papers
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