meet alicia caudle

in the midst of the beautiful silsuslaw national forest, miles from other humans, the young alicia was graciously blessed with an etch-a-sketch™ from her parents which fueled her creativity at an eerily early age. from there, she quickly graduated to paper, glue, various doll parts, twigs and bones to create strange little collages and assemblages that her mother typically scoffed at (she did not buy barbies to have them be immediately dismembered, for example). in her latter teen years, alicia taught herself the art of web design and shortly thereafter founded a portland-based web design collective. although her designs were been featured in online and print publications, garnering international recognition in the web design industry, she decided that path was not for her and returned to her artistic roots as her creative outlet.

alicia is a self-taught artist who began regularly creating altered books and more "eerie" shadow boxes in her youth, having her fist exhibit at 15. over the years she became an accomplished abstract painter and mixed media artist, selling most of her work the greater portland area, the us, scotland, england, and austria (random, but true). after taking a few year hiatus from art to raise her fireball son, her works can once again be found in galleries, shops and bars in oregon and washington as well as publications such as "inspired remnants, curious dreams" by kerin gale (2010), "the pulse of mixed media" by seth apter (2012), and various art magazines. she is also the curator and designer of the infamous altered bits art zine and is currently working on a book that incorporates her passion for both art and healing; in addition to being a mixed media artist, alicia is a shamanic practitioner, psychopomp and energy healer. you can check out those services and offerings here.

alicia currently resides in portland, or with her small but happy creative family: amazing musician husby® Paul (who proficiently plays 16+ instruments) and genius son, "little man" finn mercury. both (thankfully!) share her penchant for anatomy, bird nests, taxidermy, miscellaneous doll parts and "creepy things", and enjoy hearing her speak of spirits she assists to the other side.




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